These are some of the woods that we use to create the unique custom things that we build.
We are always adding to our inventory because as different & unique as art is so is each piece of wood and to get just the right grain or color that I'm looking for may take something I presently don't have or even just a different piece since each piece of the same wood can look quite different that's what is so cool about real wood.
Some I buy and store simply because of it's rarity, some woods only come up for sale every once in a while and then will disappear and or get Very expensive so on some of these rare types I'll buy them when they are available just to have for that one job that will call for it.
Exotic Woods -  Central/South America | African

Alder, Knotty

From: Pacific Coast of North America.
Color: Pale Yellow to Reddish Brown with dark knots

American Black Cherry

From: Eastern USA, Eastern Canada.
Color: Reddish brown with a golden luster. Freshly cut cherry is often very pale, but the wood oxidizes to its famously favorable rich brown red in time.


From: Eastern United States and Canada.
Color: Creamy white to very light brown.

Birds Eye Maple

From: Northeastern USA & Canada.
Color: Cream white to reddish brown.

Curley Maple

From: Northeastern USA & Canada.
Color: Cream white to reddish brown.


From: Canada, United States
Color: White cream with brown streaks to tan.

Ponderosa Pine

From: North America - Canada, United States
Color: From light pale yellow to medium yellow, to deep orange

Quarter Sawn White Oak

From: Eastern United States and Canada.
Color: Beige to creamy tan.

Red Oak

From: Eastern United States and Canada.
Color: Light brown with a reddish tinge.


From: North America, California
Color: The heartwood varies in color from light cherry red to dark reddish-brown or mahogany.

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Central/South America

From: Central/Latin America
Color: Rich strawberry red to light pink or yellowish red; sometimes with golden yellow stripes.


From:Mexico and Central/South America
Color:Has a yellowish brown body with dramatic dark brown to almost black stripes, the grain patterning can be quite striking, particularly on flatsawn areas.


From: Brazil, Bolivia
Color: Very irregular color ranges from yellow to orange with streaks of red, purple and black.


From: Peru
Color: Tan-like yellow to medium brown with a slight orange-red cast that darkens with age.


From:Central America
Color: Cocobolo can be seen in a kaleidoscope of different colors, ranging from yellow, orange, red, and shades of brown with streaks of black or purple.

Goncalo Alves

From: South America
Color: Light butterscotch brown to reddish brown with blackish brown streaks.


From: Granadillo is a name given to many woods in Latin America
Color: Dark brown to red to orange to purple


From: Central/South America
Color: Light to dark olive brown with greenish caste, often with lighter or darker streaks.


From: Central and Tropical South America
Color: Russett to reddish brown, often with dark stripes or streaks.

Laurel Blanco

From: From southern Mexico to Brazil
Color: light yellowish to medium brown, sometimes with darker streaks


From: South America, Chile, Brazil
Color: Pale pinkish brown to medium brown.


From: Central & South America -- Brazil, Colombia, Guyana, Nicaragua, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela
Color: Brick red to purple brown with lighter and darker streaks.

Mahogany Genuine

From: Central and Tropical South America; Bolivia, Brazil, Belize, Nicaragua.
Color: Yellowish brown to reddish or orange brown.

Monkey Pod

From: Central and South America; Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil, Bolivia
Color: Boards often feature a variety of color (not uniform) from medium leathery brown to dark chocolate brown


From: Tropical South America, primarily southern Brazil and Bolivia. Color: Dark violet brown or a lighter tan brown with dark streaks and stripes - somewhat rosewood like.

Purple Heart

From: Mexico to Tropical South America
Color: Dull gray brown when freshly cut but soon oxidizing to a violet purple.

Satin Wood

From: State of Para, Brazil
Color: Rich, bright yellow.

Tropical Walnut

From: Central and South America
Color: Dark chocolate brown sometimes with a purple cast.

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African Mahogany

From: West Africa, primarily Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria
Color:Light pink to reddish-brown or golden tan-brown.

African Padauk

From: Africa; Angola, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Nigeria, Zaire
Color: Bright orange red when freshy cut or planed, often with dark stripes; ocidizes to dark chocolate brown or light brown.

Black Limba

From: West Africa, widely distributed from Guinea to Zaire.
Color: Pale yellow to light brown with black streaks.

Black Palm

From: Tropical Asia and Africa.
Color: Black fibers embedded in a lighter tan or light brown colored body.


From: Cameroon and Gabon, West Africa
Color: Light red or violet with fairly evenly spaced purple stripes

Makore / African Cherry

From: Tropical and West Africa
Color: Reddish-brown to maroon


From: West Africa
Color: Bright yellow to pale golden yellow with a satin-like shimmer and sheen


From: Africa; Ivory Coast and Nigeria
Color: Dark red brown, similar to African mahogany


From: Africa; Gabon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria
Color:Varies from yellow brown to dark brown or chocolate brown, with gray to almost black stripes.


From: Tropical West Africa, Zaire, Cameroon, Gabon, Tanzania.
Color: Dark brown to black with fine black veining.


From: West Africa, especially Cameroon and Gabon.
Color: Golden brown with pronounced dark brown streaks.

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