About the Name: P's Dragonfly Art?
First our family name is Pulaski and sense it was rather long and difficult in the heat of battle our sons tag in the military was "P".
If you were to talk to anyone that served with our son they would all know him by simply "P", we have several videos/audio files that were shot during battle and you can hear them call for "P" during the engagement.
So there is the "P" in P's Dragonfly Art.

Second, prior to our sons passing he had sent us a photo of himself while serving in Afghanistan he happened to be taking fire at the time and one of his friends decided to take the photo of him as they hunkered down while he's looking in the direction of the enemy fire, what was in the photo other than our son, was a Dragonfly on a stalk of grass in the foreground, when we told our son about the Dragonfly he said that in Afghanistan the Dragonfly means good luck, I guess it must have been they all walked out that day without injury.

Shortly after our sons passing my wife had prayed for a "burning bush" sign that he was OK, what she got was a single dragonfly that flew by she of course asked that if it was a sign that it would come back, well needless to say it didn't but the story doesn't end there.
Unbeknownst to me that this had taken place the following morning while drinking my coffee on the patio I saw the most amazing thing there were literally hundreds of dragonfly's flying around in our backyard and only in our backyard, when I had her look at the seen she broke down and told me of the prayer the day before. There have been many other times since where the Dragonfly has shown up sometimes it seems like almost on demand needless to say Dragonfly's have a prominent place in our hearts.
The name of the company reflects the "Good Luck" of the Dragonfly.

Third, well so far you have the "P" and the "Dragonfly" so now it's the "Art" and that is what we do, art. Simply put what we create whether it be a frame, a music box or a clock it is all about the "Art" and letting the wood tell us what to do.
So there you have it "P's Dragonfly Art".

About How & Why we Started:
Well it's really pretty simple, shortly after our son's passing I was laid off from work and still reeling from his passing I took a hobby (wood working) and expanded it. To be truthful I actually went a little crazy and started buying the tools I had always wanted (thank God for a BIG severance check and Craigs list) with the new found tools and time I started making things and one of the first was a frame for a portrait of our son from there it exploded and my wife decided we needed to open a business and sell what I was making, since I had NO interest in selling anything (especially anything I made) she started and runs the business and I design and make things, it works for me.

About Our Products:
Everything starts as standard lumber, we work with domestic like cherry and redwood to the exotic like leopardwood and sapele. Each piece of art is different and so each picture frame, music box or clock is different, I have a saying that the art / vision picks the wood and the wood picks the cut, no two are alike and can never be there is no pattern, no plan and no stamped moldings, (although I have used some as inlay on some frames with amazing results) no records made of any settings or bits used in the routing process or for that matter the techniques used. That's why we say You want CUSTOM one of a kind well that's exactly what we provide.

About Our Pictures:
Yes I'm an amateur photographer too and sometimes even a blind man (taking enough shots) will get lucky and take that one amazing picture, well we take the ONE shot that is perfect and put it in the ONE frame that matches it. The photo's are truly one of a kind and there are NO reprints. They are printed and mounted once and that is what you get. A one of kind custom frame with a one of kind custom photo neither will ever be duplicated.