Letters and Notes from some of the people I have had the privilege of making things for.

Keepsake Box
Basil, I love it!! It's more than I ever expected and I'm sure my friend will be pleased. You do beautiful work!.
Thanks again for your beautiful work!

Blue Dragonfly
Basil, my name is Sharon. I'm a friend of Tammy's. This past year she visited me in Florida, during the weekend of hurricane Matthew. We talked about you, your son and the dragonfly. I just wanted to tell you personally how much I love the artwork you made me. It is beautiful and I'll cherish it always.

GSM Sharon

Toy Box2
Hi Basil-I looked at the toybox pictures via the link you gave and it is absolutely perfect! I truly admire your talent w/wood.
My son and grandson just left a short time ago with the toy box. We showed him his name right on the front and the engraving "from Mema" on the lid. However, he was most intrigued by the sliding box with all the compartments for his tiny things. He kept sliding it back and forth, then he closed the lid and sat on it! My son tried to tell him no, but I told him you said it would be perfectly ok/sturdy for him to sit on it; it was built for a boy. The box is in my sonís truck on the way home to Brodieís room right now.
Thank you so much for doing such a great job!

Blessings to you and your family,

Simply perfect!!!! Thank you.....thank you......
Jim Taylor

Winters Robe
"The Art of Framing"    By Kevin Herzinger
Basil Pulaski, father of Jeremiah Pulaski has taken up the art of picture framing. I use the word "art" on purpose because if you see his frames in person, they are simply beautiful and the craftsmanship is just out of this world! I looked on his website, www.psdragonflyart.com and was impressed by what I saw. I have had a picture in the corner of my closet for a couple... well few years that I had never got around to getting framed. So, I figure now was the time to get it done. I called Basil and set an appointment to meet with him. When I looked at some of the frames he has done, I can tell you the website doesnít do them justice. Basil looked at my picture and discussed the different framing techniques and options for glass. Then he took me to see the wood. He quickly showed me a couple different pieces that he thought would go well with the picture and I made the final selection. After that I left it up to him. I can tell you all my expectations for the frame were exceeded. I can honestly say I spend as much time looking at the frame as I do the picture. My frame and picture are also, on his website, under portfolio and animals. It is called Winters Robe. I invite you to take a look at what he is doing, but remember to really appreciate them you need to see them in person.

Danny Weiss
I will thank you now, then as your work arrived in perfect condition.
My wife agrees that Danny doesn't look bald now with how you framed it.
You have eased the pain here in our house a bit today with your loving work.
Thank you, Basil. Thank you...

Be well,

It was our pleasure
Thank You!