Blue Dragonfly
Blue Dragonfly

My wives friend wanted a wall hanging of a Blue Dragonfly with an 18inch wingspan on a shabby/aged background.
So this is what I came up with, the Dragonfly is 3D engraved out of Maple and dyed turquoise blue.
The frame is white pine with a crackle finished white "milk paint" and a semi-gloss lacquer top coat.
The dragonfly body is post mounted about 1inch off the back with the tail pinned to the back so it sets at an angle (can't see it in the photo) to give it some depth.


The photo was taken 6 months after our sons death. We were in the back yard talking about him (and how much we miss him) when this amazing creature flew in an landed begging for a photo to be taken. I was within 3 inches of it and it never moved until I was satisfied I had the right shot then it flew off. It seams amazing that whenever we talk or are thinking of Jeremiah a dragonfly appears. People that have seen this photo up close say that it appears the Dragonfly is smiling.

The frame(#11)window size 11x14 is redwood w/ a natural Danish Oil finish. The simple design and the natural orange of the wood was a perfect fit for this photo. The picture does not represent it properly (ya, again) but the double mat is actually two shades of green that matches the background of the photo.

It has become my wife's second favorite after the mothers day rose.


Original Water Color by:
Title: Hummingbird
Created: 2012

frame(55) window size 16x20 is pine painted Distressed Shabby Chic with a satin lacquer top coat. The mat is v-grooved to reveal the white lines and was used to break up the space.


frame(44) window size 16x20 is Macacauba with Tropical Walnut splined corners and a Tung oil mix finish
The photo was taken by a friend and printed to canvas, she wanted it framed for my wife.
Macacauba fit the color of the dragonfly quite well.


Original Art by: T. Berry
Title: Butterflies
Created: 2014

frame(53) window size 16x20 is pine painted Distressed Shabby Chic with a satin lacquer top coat
The butterflies are floating and sit just shy of 1/2" off the backing. A large 1/2" rabbit was created to space the art for them to float under the glass creating a mini-shadow box effect.
The mat is white with green core, v-grooving revealed the green lines and was used to fill the large white space.

Animals: 2 of 4

This picture was taken at the wildlife park when we took our grandson there.

Frame(36)window size 16x20 is South America Leopardwood finished with a tung oil mix and a rubbed Carnauba Wax topcoat

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Winters Robe
Animals: 3 of 4

Title Winters Robe
The poster is a Gary Crandall print of a Yellowstone Bison

Frame(50) window size 32x24 is African Black Limba with a basswood inlay finished with a tung oil mix

Animals: 4 of 4

Artist Unknown,
Unsigned & Unnumbered print found in some stuff that I bought
I wanted a "woodsy" wood for this drawing and believe it or not it's hard to find a wood that has that "woodsy" look to it Monkey Pod fit nicely.

Frame(45) window size 16x20 is monkey pod with a tropical walnut inlay
with a rubbed tung oil finish to top it off.
This drawing and frame was later used as inspiration for a clock I made.

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