Welcome to P's Dragonfly Art

Dragonfly We're more about Art than Dragonfly's
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What we do is create True custom wood work including custom frames for your pictures and art.

When we say custom we mean custom, the frames we make unlike the "custom" frame shops that you go to and the first thing they want you to do is pick the molding that you want from a wall of molding samples behind them, these are the same samples that the shop down the road has on their wall too, so if all the "custom" frame shops have the same thing how can it be "Custom"?

We on other hand start with a piece of 4/4 lumber for the most part, 4/4 is a woodworkers term for basically a fat 3/4inch thick piece of wood, some start as 6/4 and some as 8/4 depending on what we have to make.
Each frame is then cut and built to meat the art requirements.
I have a saying The picture picks the wood and the wood picks the cut
There are no two alike in the world, there is no pattern, no dimensions recorded or for that matter the type of router bits used. Each frame by itself is its own individual piece of art that can Never be duplicated, the wood, the grain and the cuts make each frame truly unique and custom.

As unique and custom as our frames are so are the various Boxes and Clocks that we make. All are made starting from bare exotic and domestic lumber, and just like the frames there is no pattern, no plans to follow all start from a simple idea and just like the frames that we make we let the wood tell us what to do. The idea/ vision will pick the wood and the wood will pick how it is shaped and presented.

I invite you to spend some time and look at some of the things that we have made and you decide.
If there is something that you would like us to make for you just let us know we can accomadate most requests and personalize just about anything we make.

You be sure and have a very Fine day, beauty is all around us take some time to see it.
Thanks for stopping by.